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Is Representing Yourself at the Landlord and Tenant Board A Good Idea?

Updated: Jun 12

Backlog at the Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board

The Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) backlog exceeded 53,000 cases in February 2024. The main aim of the LTB is to provide clear regulations to the public and simplify the process compared to going to court. Unfortunately, many self-represented individuals have made costly mistakes, resulting in significant delays. Incorrect applications could lead to waiting for months without achieving eviction and having to restart the process. With numerous cases sent back and long wait times for hearings at the LTB, hiring a professional to handle the process is not just advisable; it's beneficial. We understand your frustration and offer our knowledge as lawyers and landlords. Evicting a tenant is a detailed process that requires attention to detail. We ensure your legal right to eviction and complete forms accurately to prepare all evidence for court. It is best to rely on professionals to handle these tasks to avoid pitfalls. Our team has successfully assisted clients in evicting their tenants, providing them peace of mind and a streamlined process.

The Most Common Reason For Eviction

The most common reason for eviction in Ontario is failure to pay rent. However, the outstanding amount must be significant for eviction to occur. If not, the LTB adjudicator will likely approve a payment plan. It's worth noting that some tenants may pay their overdue rent just before the hearing date, only to fall back into the same pattern after the hearing is dismissed. The best solution for landlords is to proactively screen potential tenants thoroughly to avoid these issues. This step can significantly reduce the risk of eviction and the associated legal costs and stress, giving you the power to control your rental situation.

We Understand Your Unique Needs as A Small Landlord

Our legal services are not just about handling your eviction case. We are dedicated to helping you resolve all your legal issues and providing additional support for other legal matters. We understand the difficulties that small landlords face, and we offer competitive prices and comprehensive services from start to finish, including ongoing guidance on collecting payments.

There is a common belief that lawyers are more expensive; we adapt to the market's demands and strive for excellence. Opting for partial services is not advisable, mainly for Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) appearances. We were appearing before the LTB, like going to court with no shortcuts! Preparation is essential. Preparing the documents is crucial to securing a hearing date and achieving a favourable outcome, particularly given the long queue of cases waiting to be heard at the LTB. With our professional services, you can feel assured and confident in your eviction process, knowing that our experienced team handles all aspects. We are here to support you every step of the way, from the initial consultation to the final resolution of your case, because we understand your unique needs as a small landlord.


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