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If you are buying or selling a property, can help you.

Carman Feng Law has your best interest in mind. As a new homeowner, having a reliable lawyer to guide you through the process is essential. We review all legal documents and ensure your rights are protected, giving you peace of mind. Even if you have experience in real estate transactions, we can help you avoid potential issues and delays.

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For Home Buyers 
We Provide

Prepare all necessary documents to avoid any delays or issues at closing. Confirm that you have a valid title upon closing.

Review the Agreement

Review the Agreement of Purchase and all other legal documents. Confirm that there are no claims against the property

Prepare all necessary documents

 Calculate the land transfer tax due and ensure all taxes are current. Prepare mortgage documents, close transactions, and meet all legal and financial conditions. Present legal documents and keys to the Seller’s lawyer.

Arrange Title Insurance

Arrange Title Insurance, which is highly recommended for all buyers to cover unforeseeable issues that may arise. Buying title insurance is critical to a real estate transaction. The insurance policies protect property owners against losses relating to property ownership, most notably, title fraud. While having a title insurance policy will not prevent fraud from happening, it certainly helps homeowners mitigate the risks associated with title fraud.

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For Home Sellers
We Provide

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Review the Agreement of Purchase and all other legal documents. Advise you on negotiation for the terms and conditions. Prepare the deed to your house. Handle any title issues that may arise. Prepare the closing from start to finish. Review all legal and financial conditions met. Present legal documents and keys with the Buyer’s lawyer.

If you are refinancing your property, we can:

Provide valuable guidance and advice throughout the refinancing process. Review your mortgage documents. Ensure all legal requirements are met. Negotiate with your lender with your best interests in mind.

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