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It is essential to understand that creating a Will is not a typical DIY project.

Many "Free Will Kits" are widely available, a Will is a legal instrument that detail how your assets are to be distributed after death. While it may not be mandatory to enlist the services of a lawyer to draft a Will, specific guidelines must be followed. Failure to adhere to these guidelines precisely can result in an invalid Will. Making errors or overlooking essential aspects of the process is easy without legal expertise, which could lead to your assets being distributed in a way you didn't intend, or worse, your Will being declared invalid.

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Understanding the  numerous benefits

Hiring a lawyer to draft your Will and provide estate planning advice can bring numerous benefits. You may include any custom clauses in your Will that you wish to add or make multiple Wills. Not only can your lawyer provide advice specific to your situation, but your lawyer can refer you to other professionals where necessary. With a lawyer's help, you'll receive a comprehensive document that protect you from disputes. This can save your loved ones from unnecessary stress and expenses in the future. In contrast, a self-written Will is often filled with vague language that can be interpreted differently, leading to conflicts among family members.

55% of Canadians were without a Will in 2019

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since the pandemic outbreak, more people have begun to recognize the importance of a Will. Creating a Will is a responsible and necessary step for individuals of all ages. The pandemic has served as a stark reminder that unexpected events can and do occur. Therefore, if you haven't created a Will yet, you are strongly advised to do so. A professionally drafted Will protect your loved ones in the event of an unfortunate incident. Taking control of your assets and ensuring your wishes are carried out as desired is a wise decision. I urge you to create your will today.

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Estate Planning and Will Drafting

Comprehensive Estate Planning 

is paramount for anyone seeking to ensure their assets are bequeathed to the intended individuals. It involves creating legally valid Wills and Powers of Attorney that appoint substitute decision-makers for your property and personal care needs, settle your debts and estate taxes, and ensure your beneficiaries are provided for. Additionally, estate planning encompasses the guardianship of minor children, disabled adult children and cherished pets. A qualified lawyer can provide an estate planning checklist to streamline the process, save time, and ensure everything is managed appropriately. Leaving your assets to chance is a precarious approach - estate planning can provide peace of mind and safeguard your loved ones. It is important to remember that estates encompass everything from investments to homes, cars, savings accounts, personal possessions, and furniture. Therefore, act today and take the first step towards securing your assets.

In addition to the distribution of assets, you can create a separate document to detail your specific wishes regarding funeral or burial arrangements, charitable donations, or the donation of your organs for medical research purposes.


Probate is a legal process that validates the authenticity of a Last Will and Testament and authorizes the executor to administer the estate per the wishes of the deceased. The process is required when the deceased's assets are solely in their name and must be transferred to beneficiaries or sold to settle debts. In Canada, most Wills require probate, except for jointly held assets transferred to the joint asset holder. It should be noted, however, that in cases where all property is jointly owned and passes through survivorship, probate may not be necessary.

Estates Litigation Disputes

Our services include

Challenges and Defence of Wills Dependants Support applications under the Succession Law Reform Act, Spousal Rights, Unjust Enrichment. Offering professional advice to executors or estate trustees on their duties and responsibilities. Providing comprehensive guidance to beneficiaries on their rights and entitlements.

Our services include

Assisting in obtaining a Certificate of Appointment, with or without a Will, to administer an estate. Facilitating the process of applying for an order to dispense with the need for a bond. Where appropriate, providing specialized assistance with passing accounts for Estate Trustees, Guardians of property, and Attorneys of property. Handling complex estate litigation, such as Applications for Directions from the Court; Assisting clients in making applications under the Declarations of Death Act, 2002, to obtain the necessary legal documentation.

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